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Since 1999

Andalucía Cargo S.A.U. was created on December 14, 1999 when several fruit and vegetable cooperatives in Almería united.

Andalucía Cargo S.A.U. is a company that was originally created in order to satisfy the transportation needs of its members. When it started, the company depended 100% on its members, and only transported their shipments. After three years, however, this dependency has lowered considerably and now only 40% is service provided to members and the other 60% is service provided to different national and international outside clients.

The purpose of creating Andalucía Cargo was for the management and logistic control of their client and member’s merchandise.

Andalucía Cargo S.A.U.
Andalucía Cargo S.A.U.

Our purpose is the management and logistic control of shipments to nationals and internationals destinies.

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Andalucía Cargo S.A.U. has undergone a rapid and continuous growth.

This growth is due to the elevated volume of merchandize generated by our members, along with the high quality commercial drive of new clients and providers.

The development of Andalucía Cargo S.A.U. is reinforced through efficient commercial management, including our presence in national and international fairs.